eo109 程式語言 Programming Language: ANSI-C

Marks to date

  1. Download the mark database
  2. Download the Access Program
  3. Double click on p2mark.exe to run the database access program.
  4. Select Query option and enter your student number.
  5. Your results to date are in the file query.csv.
  6. IF you are interested, here is the ANSI-C code and Batch File to Compile Program

Course Notes & Worksheets 教程

Study Milestones 學習的里程碑

  1. A Simple Program: Editing, Compiling, Linking, Running, Debugging
  2. UML Activity Diagram to Represent an Algorithm
  3. Basic Programming using Functions and Variables
  4. VP Diagrams of Computer Code
  5. Program Flow: Sequence, Decision, Repetition
  6. Arrays and Records
Milestones in Context


Code to Modify by Chapter

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