Lecture Plan For Learning to Program with ANSI-C: A Multimedia based ApproachParent
45 hours of contact. 11 weeks of classes + midterm + final
Week 1 (Course Introduction, Problem Introduction)
1intro.swf1.0Intro Outline, Grading, Respect, Course Organization Link to Motivational Problems mgrav,mopt,mroot, Research Methodology
02icons.pps0.5Icons for Viewgraphs (PowerPoint)
mgrav1.swf1.0FallIntroduce Free Falling Object Experiment
tgrav.pdf0.5 T-F1(Free Fall) Single Decimal Point Data Hand Calculation
mgrav1.swf0.5FallHand calculation finds problem. Why? Stud err? Precision? Redo experiment
tgrav.pdf0.5T-F2(Free Fall) Two Decimal Point Data Hand Calculation
mopt.swf1.0OptiIntroduce Optics Lens System for Camera Simulation
topt.pdf.5 T-O1(Optics) Simple Lens Formula: Direct Hand Calculation
mroot.swf0.5RootIntroduce Root Finding
troot.pdf0.5T-R1(Root) Solving for an n-root by hand.
Week 2 (1st program: Review Writing a Program & Debugging, Midterm/Final introduction)
2prog1.swf2BasicsHow to Install, Edit, Compile, Link & Run a Simple Program
tgen.pdf1T-G1General Tutorial: Using Editor, and Debugging Programs
ctst0.5MT/Fin Sample Mid-Term/Final
Week 3 (Functions and Commented Code)
2prog1.swf2BasicsHow to Install, Edit, Compile, Link & Run a Simple Program
3func.swf1FunctionsC: A Language of Functions. Why Functions, Types of Functions, Anatomy, Connecting, Linking
jlib.7z-Function Header file and object files for functions written by jon (Download to sdba)
mgrav1.swf0.1FallReview Quickly
3func.swf0.5T-F3Illustration of Gravity Commented Code (students enter into computer, use jEdit)
mopt.swf0.5Optipseudo code
mroot.swf0.5Rootpseudo code
tgen.pdf-T-G2Writing, compiling, linking pseudo code for three examples.
Week 4 and 5 (Variables SDBA Chapter 1.2)
BUZU: UML to Functions (100-2 Week 4 Future Move earlier in course)
../p1/algo.swf0.5UML (100-2 Week 4) Last Semester: UML and Pseudo Code Review
mgravuml.swf0.2Fall UML (100-2 Week 4,Next year tutuorial?)
moptuml.swf0.2Opti UML (100-2 Week 4, Next year tutuorial?)
mrootuml.swf0.2Root UML (100-2 Week 4, Next year tutuorial?)
Review: Functions and Commenting
3func.swf0.5Fall Functions and Falling Object
Theory (3 hours)
4var.swf2Variables Manipulating Data: Variables ,calls Power Point Slides (including pps) Slides 1-40
11vp-int.pps-VariablesHierarchy (PowerPoint)
12varcon.pps-Variables Containers (PowerPoint)
12exact5.pps-VariablesChoice Considerations + Standards for fixed/floating point (PowerPoint)
tgen.pdf1T-G3Variables Declaring, Initializing and Using
Application (4 hours)
4var.swf-FallFIxed Point Derivative Instructions
tgrav.pdf-T-F4FIxed Point Derivative
4var.swf-FallVP for fixed point, questions + FLoating Point Derivative Instructions
tgrav4.pdf-T-F5FLoating Point Solution (derivative)
4var.swf-FallVP for floating point, questions
mroot.swf-RootFloating Point y=f(x) Instructions
troot.pdf-T-R3Floating Point y=f(x)
mroot.swf-RootVP for Floating Point y=f(x)
mopt.swf-Opti Single Lens Simple Code (no coordinate system) Instructions
topt.pdf-T-O3 Single Lens Simple Code (no coordinate system)
Week 6 (Variables: Optics Application + Midterm)
mopt.swf-Opti VP diagram, problems with solution. Improve w/Coordinate system
topt.pdf-T-O4 Single Lens Simple Code (with coordinate system)
mt.swf2mtMidterm Paper
tst_eg.7z0.5MTSample Midterm(Practice)
tst_mt.7z2MTMidterm Paper
Week 7 (Pointers, SBBA Chapter 1.3)
5ptr.swf-ptrUsing Pointers (Slides 1-18),
13ptr1.pps-ptrIntroduction of Pointers
13vpfunc.pps-ptrPointers, Variables and Functions.
tgen.pdf-T-G4Pointer Tutorial
Week 8 (Pointers & Program Flow) May 9
5ptr.swf-ptrUsing Pointers (Slides 1-18),
13vpfunc.pps-ptrPointers, Variables and Functions.
Application of Pointers
5ptr.swf-FallFall: Using Pointers to Get Data
mroot.swf-RootRoot Finding: Pointers to Get Data
mopt.swf-OptOptics: Pointers to Get Data
Theory of Program Flow (Review Term 1 and Introduce...)
6flow.swf1-Program Flow
Week 9 (Program Flow) May 16
Review up to pointer
key.swf0.5-Key Concepts
Motivate and Theory
6flow.swf1-Program Flow
mopt.swf0.5-Optics Program Fails.
Conditional control in ANSI-C(IF)
6flow.swf1-Program Flow
topt.pdf-T-05 Sections 5.1 to 5.3
mopt.swf0.5-Corrected Program
ASIDE splitting the program (jEdit)
Repetition in ANSI-C (WHILE)
6flow.swf1-Program Flow
topt.pdf-T-05 Sections 5.4 to 5.5
mopt.swf0.5-Corrected Program
mgrav1.swf--Falling object: Simplifying input
mroot.swf-RootRoot Finding: Conditional Control + Repetition
Week 10 (Arrays, SDBA chapter 3.1) May 23
Review - 1 hour (flow control application)
key.swf--Key Ideas.
mgrav2.swf--Modify ptr program by jEdit, run and on entered data, then VP walkthrough
mroot1.swf--Review the algorithms UML for finding roots.
mroot2.swf--jEdit : modify root program using jEdit to self find root then VP walkthrough
Theory (Arrays) - 2.5 hours
7array.swf--SDBA viewgraphs Chapter 3.1
Application & Homework (0.5 hrs)
mgrav.pdf--modify mg-loop.c to use arrays
Week 11 (Records, SDBA chapter 3.2) May 30
Review - 1 hour (arrays)
key.swf--Key Ideas
7array.swf--Review Arrays and SDBA summary on PPT
mgrav2.swf--Modify loop program by jEdit, run and on entered data, then VP walkthrough
Application - 2 hour (arrays)
mopt.pdf1-modify mo-loop.c to use arrays (student work (30), then jEdit, then VP walkthrough)
mroot.pdf1-modify mr-loop.c to use arrays (student work (30), then jEdit, then VP walkthrough)
Theory of Records (1 hour)
8record.swf1-Theory of Records
Week 12 - (Records SDBA chapter 3.2) June 6
Review: Theory of Records
Review the Course
Final Exam - June 13

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