Milestones (Planned implementation for 103-2 Semester)

Compile/Run 1 Function53
Basic Program (2 questions)3018
Class Performance (to Midterm)100
Code to VP-Diagram53
General Program (6 questions)350
Class Performance (After Midterm)100
*It is necessary to successfully complete a milestone before going to the next milestone.
Milestone details
UML. Student must be able to look a problem and write a possible solution to the problem using Universal Modelling Language Activity Symbols. Knowledge of start symbol, activity symbol, flow symbol, comments, splitting and parallel processing is required.
Compile/Run 1 Function. Student must be able to write a simple program in jEdit (does not need to do anything) and then compile, link and run the program. This includes downloading and installing the compiler and editor on your own computer (if you do not have a computer, you can request alternate examination).
Basic Program. Student should be able to write a simple program making use of functions (written by himself, others and from the standard library). Sample question: write 2 functions to calculate the calculate the volume and surface area of the cylinder. Allow the user to input the radius and height of the cylinder. Call the two functions for calculation and print the volume and surface area of an arbitrary cylinder input by the user using standard library functions fprintf()
Code to VP-Diagram. Student should be able to draw VP diagrams for a short piece of ANSI-C code that makes use of functions, pointers and variables.
General Program. This acts as final exam. Student must answer 6 questions that test the concepts of flow and usage of arrays and records.
Class performance. Arrival for class on time and completion of assignments on time.

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